All You Need To Know On Western Australia’s Dive Sites

Western Australia offers some of the most impressive dive sites in the world. It welcomes divers from different places. With numerous aquatic creatures and impressive reefs, the dive sites you will find in Western Australia offer a wholesome experience that will spice up your dive sessions.

If you have dive fantasies that you are looking to fulfil, these dive sites are the best places you can do so. With the opportunity to see rare species face to face, many divers opt for dives sites in Australia.

With its oceans and islands rich in marine life, the dive sites in Western Australia are easily some of the favourites of divers. The dive sites are also perfect for scuba diving. Regardless of the styles that you may be interested in practising, these dive sites provide you with all you need to explore as you desire.

There are various impressive reefs and rocky places that boost your dive experience. Little wonder divers flock to Western Australia for their diving experience. Asides from the reefs, the memorable underwater encounters cannot be found elsewhere. There is a unique diving experience that comes with the dive sites here.

Here are some of the best dive sites in Western Australia.

Rottnest Island

This island is fondly called “Rotto”, and it is a famous spot for family vacations. Located at the coast of Perth, this site is a popular getaway and holiday spot for several people across the world.

Asides from the breathtaking view this site offers, the water is chilling, and there is a wide variety of fish. This provides you with a top-notch experience while diving. You get to see the species face to face.

Rowley Shoals

Located in the West of Broome, this site comprises several breathtaking structures that make it famously referred to as an impressive dive site in the diving circles. While diving, you can explore big-bellied fish and giant clams. The underwater experience provides you with the chance to experience some of the world’s largest species.

Ningaloo Reef

This reef constitutes a treasure trove with over 200 species of fish and marine life. It provides access to some of the world’s rare species. You can swim through these fish as you desire. If you are also into photography, this dive site offers you all you need to get those perfect photographs. From the scenery to the creatures, there is a lot to influence the quality of your photographs from this dive site.


At the South of Perth locates this HMAS Swan which was a naval destroyer that sunk and scuttles in 1997. This remains one of the largest shipwrecks, and it has continued to serve as a dive spot.

It offers wreck divers a perfect exploration avenue, as they can swim through and capture memorable moments. If you are also looking for a variety of fish, this dive site is a perfect place for that.

Finally, to get the most out of these dive sites, it is essential that you do proper planning and also prepare adequately. Check all you need to know before setting out.