Understanding The Importance of Masks Underwater

You cannot remain underwater without your masks. When underwater, it is difficult to open your eyes and catch all images around. Things get blurry, and water may enter your eyes. This is even more difficult if you will be spending much time underwater. The eyes are created to see through the air and not dense water.

Therefore, it is important that you get your scuba masks. These masks allow you to see underwater. This is pretty important to any diver. If you want to dive without your masks, the professionals or guards around will not allow you. This shows the importance of the masks to having a quality dive experience.

How Masks Work

The masks allow you to see underwater. The masks capture air in between it and your face. Through this air, it allows the eyes to see clearly from inside the mask. With this mask, it is a whole new adventure unlocked. You can look as much as you desire and go anywhere underwater. This takes away the limitations you face when you are underwater without your masks.

Also, the mask offers airtight protection to your face. It ensures you do not get injured by an underwater element. Who doesn’t want protection while underwater?

Components of A Mask

With the advent of technology, masks have witnessed a sizable level of change over the years. Masks today are made with lightweight plastic and silicone. This makes it easy to carry on your face without feeling any form of overbearing weight. Depending on the type of masks you get, the lenses may be two or a complete one.

The masks also make provision for those who use glasses. It offers enough space to accommodate the glasses without threatening your eyes. Through this, you have no excuse not to dive if you want to.

The masks fit into your head with the help of two straps. These straps are made of silicone split into two pieces to make for comfort and ease. It also allows the mask to fit in your head firmly.

Features You Will Find In The Best Masks

While there is not a single best scuba mask, there are various features you can look out for to get the best experience. With these features, you can rest assured that you’re getting a mask that will serve your needs underwater.

Quality Masks Are Made With Silicone

The masks that will serve you the best are those made with silicone. While the level of thickness may vary from one scuba mask to another, they all have an adequate level of quality silicone skirts. This element helps to make the masks comfortable for your face. It feels more like a second skin, which goes in smoothly and offers a soothing experience.

It is advisable that you generally avoid masks made with plastic if you are considering it for diving.

Nose Pocket

The nose pocket allows you to reach your nose, and block it where necessary. If you need to equalise the air space in your mask, this nose pocket allows you to do that. Without this feature, it will be challenging to achieve equalisation, which will make diving difficult as well.

Low Volume

A low volume mask offers you a small space for air between your face and the mask. This makes it easy to remove any water that finds its way into the mask.

Finally, ensure you maintain your mask adequately. Also, learn how to defog it to keep in good condition.