Explore South Australia’s Impressive Dive Sites

Home to over 350 fish species and a variety of dive sites, South Australia comprises one of the most impressive sites that accommodate all divers across varying levels. Whether you are a beginner or you have been diving for a while, these dive sites comprise breathtaking moments and impressive under experiences for all divers.

Offering you the opportunity to see a variety of fish including Australian Cuttlefish, red stock lobsters, octopus, sea dragon, Jackson Sharks. The dive spots in South Australia have so many impressive reefs and shipwreck spots to explore.

While South Australia boasts of perfect weather all year round, these aquatic creatures always come in their numbers during the period between May and August. So, for people looking to get the most of their dive experience, this is often the period they target.

Here is a list of some of the best dive sites in South Australia.

Edithburgh Jetty

Located in the coast of the Yorke Peninsula, Edithburgh Jetty is famous for its impressive macro life which includes a variety such as dumpling squid, pipefish, sea horses, blue ring octopus, sea dragon, among others.

This dive site is an easy one which can be accessed conveniently. To get a fantastic dive experience, you should target the night time, which also doubles as when these nocturnal creatures come out to hunt.

Victor Harbor

Due to its rich water and its exposure, this dive site attracts marine life easily. As a result, you will find several aquatic creatures in this dive site. During your dive, there are high chances that you will see sea dragons. If you are also on the side of luck, you may see a sea lion.

If you are looking to have a wild dive experience where you can see rare creatures, this dive site may be a perfect site for you.

Rapid Bay

If you have an underwater fantasy for seeing the sea dragon, this dive site is the perfect place to see it. This site offers an impressive dive experience that offers you memorable moments. Its environs are beautiful, and you can easily gain access and have a good time enjoying your dive.

You stand the chance of seeing several aquatic creatures. The site is rich with marine life, and you can see the ones you desire. This enriches your dive experience.

The Norma

This dive site is located here a ship sank in 1907. Following the sinking, another ship sank the following day. Since then, the site has been a perfect place for wreck divers to explore.

If you are interested in photography and you want to capture beautiful moments, this dive site works for that purpose effectively. It provides you with fantastic sceneries and beautiful creatures that you may capture. This offers you a complete dive experience.

Ultimately, there are several dive site in Australia, if you will be choosing any, ensure you know the rules guiding the sites and status of the weather.