Live On The Edge At Victoria

Victoria is one of the dive sites people go for holidays and to have the best diving experiences. If you are looking for a dive site that is vibrant and has a lot of underwater moments to offer, this is a dive site you may want to consider.

While it may not boast of tropical reefs like some other tropical dive sites, it offers just as much breathtaking experience, as you will find in other sites. With impressive moments that will ensure you get the true value of your money, this is one dive site that should rank high on your list. If you are certified to dive, and you’re looking for the best dive sites to serve your diving needs, take a sneak peek at what Victoria has to offer.

To provide you with the option of choosing the sites in Victoria that suits your needs, we provide you with a list of the best dive sites in Victoria.

Blairgowrie Pier

For beginners and those who love macro photography, this Blairgowrie is an impressive dive spot that offers lots of amazing experiences. Located in Blairgowrie Squadron, this dive site is 100km from Melbourne. It offers impressive moments and access to a treasure trove filled with marine life. This offers you the rare view of squids, octopuses, pylons, and various sea animals.

This dive site also sees the influx of crabs around June. Crabs congregate in this area as the water cools down. It’s a fantastic site seeing a large congregation of crabs in one place.

The dive site is located in a place perfect for vacation and holiday. Post-dive, there are fancy hotels and restaurants you can pop into to seal your dive experience with great meals of a lifetime.

HMAS Canberra

One of the very recent dive sites and impressive ones is the HMAS Canberra. The Ex-HMAS Canberra, in 2009, sunk, as the first artificial reef of Victoria. To gain access to this dive site, you must pay permits. The site is also adequately protected, and taking anything from the site is illegal.

The beautiful thing about this wreck is that it has a large size and the access it aff0rds. This one beautiful dive sites that open water divers get into with the recommended 50 dives with their belt.

One thing to note about this dive site is the need to study the weather before considering it. It can be rough getting out when weather conditions are harsh.

Arches Marine Sanctuary in Port Campbell

This dive site offers a premium diving experience to divers, and it’s a good dive site for beginners. The landscape right above the water is famous for its sky-scraping structure, with an underneath that is just as impressive.

The dive site offers divers more than enough water area to swim up and around. It is also essential to study the weather conditions before choosing to dive at these dive sites.

Victoria is one of the places with breathtaking sites for diving. Ensure to study the weather before selecting any dive sites.