Tasmania Is Renowned For Its Temperate Diving

With over 40, 0000 marine reserves and more than 4850km coastline, Tasmania is one of the best places to find the most impressive dive sites in the world. It offers a diving experience that makes for a quality temperate dive experience. From North to South, you can throw your gear and explore the coast as you desire.

Many divers tend to like Tasmania for its temperate dive experience. The weather is often good, and you have little to worry about. All you need to worry about is getting your dive kits and accessories, getting the appropriate clearance, and you are good to go.

Here are some of the best dive sites you can get in Tasmania

Kelp-Covered Reefs in Binalong Bay

If you are a beginner and you need a dive site that offers a complete dive experience, this dive site is a great pick. There are various breathtaking moments that will mark your dive experience. You can swim in between rocks, and you can explore different caves in the process. The different rocky reefs underwater also offer you the opportunity to see a wide variety of fish.


This is one impressive dive site that is absolutely picture-worthy. If you plan to document your dive experience, this location has beautiful terrain, with colourful sponges and sea whips.

It is a perfect place to fulfil some of your wildest dive fantasies. It provides you with the opportunity to see sea dragons and seahorses. The memorable moments from this underwater experience represent one of the reasons why it is a sought-after dive site.

Isle de Phoque

One of the most exciting dive sites in Tasmania is this Isle de Phoque. It provides a wide area for divers to swim through and explore a host of what the water has to offer. Among the many things you can find under the water are seagrass beds, string kelp, sandstones reefs, and a massive school of fish.

There is a lot of exploration you can do at this dive site. If you want to dive and live on the edge, this offers you a site where you can throw yourself into the water and have the moment of your life.

Waterfall Bay

There are several sea caverns in this Waterfall Bay, where beginner divers can easily access. This Waterfall Bay contains the most extensive cave system you can find in Australia. Its entrance is a massive one which connects with small caverns.

It offers an avenue to explore the caves and has beautiful moments you can’t get elsewhere.

Fortescue Bay

This dive site is an impressive one with an underwater wonderland, easily accessible to all divers. This dive site offers access to a wide range of marine life, including the ones you cannot see elsewhere. These include cuttlefish, seahorses, crayfish, octopus, and abalone.

Suppose you are looking to feed your curiosity to see the different things that go on underwater. This dive site is a perfect way for you to start.