Smooth Dive Experience Without Getting Cold

There is nothing that kills dive experience more than chattering teeth due to cold. Once you begin to feel cold underwater, the quality of your dive experience starts to dwindle. But with the right drysuit, you can deal with this, and get that dive you crave.

Some think dry suits are for professionals or dive experts. This is not the case. Whether you are a beginner or you have been diving for a while, you can wear dry suits to get the protection your body needs. If you desire thermal protection that gives you unmatched warmth, you should try out drysuits.

The essence of this suit is to protect you. No one doesn’t need protection when underwater. In the absence of such protection, you are exposing yourself to immense cold, and injuries. So, get a dry suit if that’s your preferred choice.

All You Need To Know About Dry Suits

As the name implies, a dry suit is a suit that keeps you dry when underwater. You need to stay dry underwater, so you can focus on diving, and not on cold.

Unlike wetsuits that trap water and warm it up, dry suits trap air instead and use the air to help you stay warm. It has an airtight seal at the neck, ankles, and wrists, to ensure that your body doesn’t come in contact with water at all. By ensuring that water doesn’t get into your body, dry suits can circulate the air around your body to keep you dry and warm for a perfect dive.

You will need a dry suit every time you intend to dive. Once you are not using a wetsuit, you have to use a dry suit to keep yourself safe and warm. Asides from this general rule, you will need dry suits if you find yourself engaged in the following:

  • Dives That Span For Long

If you find yourself spending long hours diving, you will need to get a dry suit. A dry suit can keep you warm for an extended period. It is perfect for your long-duration dives.

  • Deep Diving

If you engage in dives that go deep into the water, you will need a suit strong enough to keep you under pressure. The suit must also be able to keep you warm all through. For this, the drysuit is a perfect choice.

  • Underwater Photography

If you are a photographer trying to capture the best moments underwater, you need a suit that can sustain you for long. The drysuit will do a perfect job of keeping you warm, while you go over your angles.

  • Daily Repetitive Fives

Engaging in daily repetitive dives also calls for the use of a dry suit. A dry suit will keep your body warm by not bringing it close to water throughout. This makes it the best if you will be going underwater the next day.

Underwater Research

This is something that may take an extended period. The drysuit is perfect for such.

Finally, getting the right drysuit requires due diligence. Ensure that all the features from neck seals and all other openings to zippers and pockets are in good condition.