Get The Right Dive Boat For A Quality Experience

It is an exciting thing when you are about to go on your first diving experience. Once you are certified, and ready to dive, the first thing is to choose your dive boat.

When you get online to book a trip, you will realize that there are numerous dive boats online. You can book your trip from any, but how do you know the best to book from?

Several terms may be thrown at your face. You may see that a dive boat drifts, another is private, and yet another may be a cattle boat. Several boats also have varying entry patterns. All this can be confusing if you are a first-timer. But getting the right boat for your dive is not a problematic thing. You can get it using the following tips

What Type Of Dive Interests You?

The first thing to note is the type of dive you want to do. You may already have your dive location in mind. Often, this is the easier part of people. They go online, and choose the fancy locations they will love to have their dive. But the more important thing here is choosing the type of dive you want.

Generally, there are two types to choose from, and they are the anchor dives and the drift dives.

Drift Dives

These dives are the easiest. This is because they often involve very little navigation. If you are a beginner, this form of dive is a perfect way to start the dive experience. It is straightforward and requires a very little thought process. All you need to do in drift drives is to drop down and follow the divemaster.

Anchor Dives

If you want to do some more exploring by yourself, this may be a perfect dive for you. Anchor dives offer you the opportunity to own the process a little more than drift dives afford. It is also a perfect fit for underwater photographers that will like to capture moments. You can have the time you need without having to rush to follow the divemaster.

However, since this process affords you more independence, it requires that you learn before trying it out. It requires more planning. You will also have to carry a compass and dive slate, which will help you communicate and get your bearing.

Private and Cattle Boat

A cattle boat is a boat that contains up to 20 people who go dive together. They also dive on the same site. The advantage here is that it is affordable.

On the other hand, a private boat is you and your buddy. It may take up to four persons, but they are people you consent to. It is more expensive than the cattle boat because it offers you private status and independence.

Things You Should Know When Choosing

When choosing a boat that will serve you, ensure you consider the water you will be diving into. This will inform your level of preparation.

Also, consider the configuration of the boat you will be using and how it is set up.

You should also consider how easy launching and boarding is for the boat. All this will inform you ahead of the dive.