Get The Best Dive Sites In Queensland

Once you are set with all your kits, the next thing to consider is the location for your dive. There are several dive sites across the world. These are interesting places with deep waters that afford you a wide area for diving. If you are looking for the best dive sites, you need to choose carefully, so you don’t end up in places that will not offer you excellent experience.

Queensland is a great place with several impressive dive sites. Across the world, it is one of the places that divers love to go. No doubt, the toughest part of planning a scuba diving holiday can be the dive site. But in Queensland, you can solve this problem with this list of dive sites. With a careful examination of the best places that will offer you a quality experience, this list presents the sites below.

SS Yongala in Townsville

The SS Yongala is regarded as one of the best dive sites, where you can get a premium diving experience. It boasts of a perfect underwater life, which affords you enough area to dive and enjoy the experience without hiccups.

Home to some of Australia’s unique marines, this site can be found at 28 metres off the coast of Townsville. Its environs are beautiful. If you are the type interested in underwater photography, this is a perfect site to get eye-catching pictures you can fill with the media.

Containing several aquatic creatures including bull sharks, turtles, eagle rays, among others, this dive site is an impressive one. You can have a face to face experience with these creatures without any risk of getting hurt.

Osprey Reef In Coral Sea

If you desire the feeling of being at the edge of the world, this raw and remote Osprey Reef offers you that feeling. Located 110kms northeast to the Great Barrier Reef’s northernmost section, Osprey Reef rewards your bravery with a top-notch underwater experience. If you have never felt small, diving along with sharks will bring such a feeling.

Wolf Rock In Rainbow Beach

This dive site has welcomed several divers across the world. With breathtaking depths and big fish moments, this Wolf Rock offers divers diving experience like never before. Its moments are captivating, and you will have a seamless experience all through.

Cod Hole in Lizard Island

If you are wondering what the fuss about Queensland is, this Cod Hole fantasy attests to the reasons. With this site, you can fulfil several diving fantasies you may have. If you will like to feel a potato cod out in the open ocean, this diving site is the right place for you.

It guarantees encounters of different sizes. Its environment is not only safe but also offers you a gentle and friendly cruise, as you go about your diving sessions.

Steve’s Bommie in Ribbon Reefs

If you are looking for a dive site that is perfect for excursion purposes, here is one right in Queensland. With 33 metres and almost reaching 3 metres at the surface, this Steve’s Bommie is all you need for a perfect photography experience. It is also a good fishing spot, which improves the quality of your experience.