Regulators: Breathe effortlessly while you focus on your diving

A regulator is the perfect instrument which allows you to breathe underwater. Ordinarily, it is impossible to breathe underwater. Without technology, this would still have been impossible. However, with regulators, you can breathe effortlessly without having to worry.

When you consider that diving takes you deep into the water, you realise how extremely difficult it would have been to breathe. At a pressure level where your dive tank is under over 3000 psi, your lungs may explode if you attempt to breathe without regulators. But with regulators, this problem is sorted.

How Do Regulators Work

All regulators do is to break down the air underwater into breathable forms. After that, the regulator supplies the air to you on your breathing demands. The process is quite a simple one, but only because a regulator is involved.

The process may be explained in different ways. However, when you break it down simply, it can be explained under two stages.

First Stage

The first stage is where the regulator gets the air from your tank. The main thing here is for the regulator to divert air to your high-pressure hose. This allows you to gauge the air to see how much you have left and to break down accordingly.

From this point, the air moves into the second stage of the regulator.

Second Stage

This stage is where the regulator breaks the air into a breathable form that you can inhale. When you inhale, the lever moves the piston that holds the air back and consequently lets air into your mouth. The air rushes in, and you are good to go.

Depending on the features you need and the models, the price of dive regulators can vary. The best diving regulator for you will depend on the type of diving you engage in. Here are a few things to consider when buying your regulators;

Things To Consider When Buying Your Regulator

Try It Out

In the same manner with your BCD, it is ideal that you try out your regulator before purchasing it. If you have a colleague or friend that already uses one, try it out and get recommendations. If you do not have, visit retail stores that have demo options, which allow you to test what you’re buying before making actual purchases.

Comfortable Mouthpiece

One essential thing you should consider is how much comfort the regulator affords your mouth. This is important because the regulator will be on your mouth, and if it’s not comfortable, that will affect your diving experience. You may opt for moulding your mouthpiece so that it fits perfectly. Know that this may cost a bit more than regular pricing.


All regulators always have a port with one high-pressure port. However, you maximise your experience, and stay on the side of caution, it is advisable you go for regulators with two ports. This way, you can integrate a transmitter to work with your dive computer.

Essentially, in getting the right regulator, try to consider all important features, and try out before buying.