Explore The Over 20 Dive Sites in Northern Territories

If you are looking to experience quality dive experience, there are impressive dive sites in Northern Territories. These dive sites provide you with a seamless experience in diving. With the richness of the islands and waters in the Northern territories, there are varieties of fish and several creatures underwater. If you desire to come in contact with these species face to face, these dive sites offer you the opportunity for that to happen.

The dives sites have impressive structures that make for all diving styles you may want to try. You can explore as you desire and maximise your dive experience as you please. If you have fish fantasies you will like to fulfil, these dive sites offer you a perfect opportunity for that.

You can discover a whole new phase of diving with the dive sites in the Northern territories. There is much beauty under its calm water and beautiful islands waiting for you to explore. Divers often find this territory impressive because of the diversity of its marine life, the beautiful scenery, and the stunning colour the surrounding oozes. Most of the sites you will find in the Northern territories can be gotten from the dive site map.

Perhaps the famous of these dive spots is Darwin, which is a perfect site for scuba diving. It is also located in an area with a wide range of aquatic creatures such as wobbegong sharks, barracuda, and jewfish. This is among several other creatures that continue to beautify the water and serve as a source of attraction to divers.

At these dive sites, ensure you dive in accordance with your training level. Do not go deep into the waters if you do not have the training for that. While many of these dive sites are fantastic for beginner divers, such divers must also exercise care in the process of diving.

Overall, the Northern territories have over 20 diving sites, which can be located on the dive site maps. Asides from the beautiful scenes and the creatures, the fact that divers may also get to see whale sharks is something that attracts them from various walks of life.

There are some of the world’s oldest wrecks in this region. These wrecks further offer open divers all they need to explore the wrecks. Also, for many of these dive sites, they contain impressive reefs, which are often perfect for beginner divers and snorkelers.