Track Your Dive Experience effectively

Getting the right diving computer can be a tricky thing. People often ask questions about how they can get the best computers that will serve them appropriately. The truth is that you do not have a single “best” diving computer. Each one has its unique features. All you need do is examine the features, and consider if they work for you.

So, the focus isn’t on which diving computer is the best, but on what features should the best diving computer possess. Once you can identify this feature on a diving computer, you should be good to go.

Your dive computer is one of the most important pieces to our diving experience. The best ones are dependable, durable, and packed with several impressive features. More so, they contain all the essential things you need and include none of those you don’t. This helps you to shape your seamless diving experience, and make the most of it.

Irrespective of your preference, there is a model that fits you and your diving desires. Here are a few things to look out for when getting the best computers.

Is It Nitrox Capable?

The future of diving is a diving computer that is Nitrox capable. Divers are always in need of improving their diving experience, and only the equipment that can do this will be preferred. Nitrox allows divers to make longer dives without being at the risk of decompression sickness due to the less nitrogen in the mix. For a dive computer to offer a proper diving experience, it must be able to handle varying mixes between 21% and 50%.

It may not even be essential for a dive computer to be able to handle different mixes in a single dive. However, for different dives, it should be able to.

Air Integration

The best dive computers should reflect the amount of air you have left in your tank. One of the main points of having a dive computer is so you can have all you need while diving. Knowing the amount of air that you have left is an important part of that. Therefore, your dive computer must have air integration.

The dive computer may pass the information through a transmitter or any other medium.

Planning Capabilities

It sucks to use dive tables to plan your dive. However, the truth remains that you need to plan your dives. Planning your dive is an essential part of staying safe. As such, you need to look out for planning capabilities when getting your dive computer. The best ones will allow your plan your dive and also help you to plan your maximum depths. It should also help to plan your surface intervals.

Downloadable Information

It is essential that you can download your dive information. Your dive computer must have this feature. This is particularly necessary because if you want to advance your diving education, you will need to show your instructor our proven track-record.


The best dive computers must be reliable, and the manufacturer must be able to stand by their products. The best way to test this is by buying dive computers with warranty. Where there is no warranty, there is no deal.

Also, get only dive computers that are decompression capable. This will outline the depth of decompression you can go, and tell you how long you can safely stay there.