Get a Premium Dive Experience From NSW

There is a lot of beautiful things to note about New South Wales in Australia. Asides from the fact that it has beautiful beaches where people go to have fun and recreational purposes, it is also home to some of the world’s most famous and spectacular dive sites. NSW offers divers with a holistic diving experience, which ensures they get the best time of their lives.

From Bryton Bay to several other islands, the different dive spots in NSW will offer you an experience which you cannot exhaust. You keep seeing more sites and more things you can do when you go to these dive sites. Among several underwater moments that it has to offer divers, one is letting you see a wobbegong face to face.

The following are some of the best dive sites in this city, which will make for perfect choices for you to include in your list of top dive sites in the world.

Lord Howe Island

Flying two hours northeast of Sydney, you will find this tiny island sitting comfortably in between five oceans. It offers one of the most amazing underwater moments for divers. With a wide range of marine life, this dive site boasts as one of the best ones where you can come in contact with some of the most fascinating marine animals.

The site also has a private status to it. It doesn’t accommodate several people at once, so as not to crowd the place. At a go, only 400 people are allowed to dive. This means you may not be diving in a crowded place, which allows you to do as you desire. You can experiment and have the moments of your life.

Julian Rocks Park

Located quite close to Bryton Bay, this park is an interesting dive site. If you are interested in seeing varieties of fish, this is the right site for that. This marine park is one of the finest fish dive sites in the world. It contains several types of fish. The park is also a subtle mix of cold-water species and tropical.

It also offers you the opportunity to mix with big fish like the shark. This is one dive site where you can completely unwind, take photographs, and have a good time.

Fly Point Reserve

At the east side of Nelson Bay is located this Fly Point Reserve. It is a tiny reserve that provides unmatched diving experience. It is rich with marine life due to a fishing ban operative in the reserve. So, you should prepare to come across all kinds of fish you can expect.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a diving experience among fur seals, Montague Island is somewhere you should look to. If this doesn’t satisfy your underwater fantasies, perhaps it is apt that you know you can also see dolphins and Montague Island whales at this dive site.

More so, the island is home to over a thousand penguins and more than 14 species of birds you do not get to see anywhere else in the world.