Calculate Your Loan Payments

Equipment finance is one of the best ways to keep updated with the best equipment. Through this scheme, you can get the equipment you need for your dive and underwater experience without straining your finances. We understand that you may sometimes be unable to pay for the equipment and kit you need at once.

This is why we set up the equipment finance scheme, through which we offer you the avenue to get the needed equipment. We loan you the money with which you buy the needed equipment, and you pay back the loan over a period of time.

To make for ease, convenience, and transparency, you can make use of the equipment finance calculator on our website. The calculator helps you to determine the amount your equipment finance will cost. This informs you and keeps you ahead such that the decisions you make are data-driven.

Also, if you apply for equipment finance, you can use the calculator to determine your payments and keep a track record of your repayment plan. Here is a breakdown of your equipment loan payments are calculated.

How Equipment Loan Payments Are Calculated

Various factors come into play when determining the amount to be repaid over some time. Often, these factors include the amount of the load, the loan interests and rates, the term of the loan, and the collateral obtained. These factors will form the basis of determining your loan rates and the repayment.

Hence, it is essential that you clarify each term at every stage of your equipment finance agreement. This is why we operate in clear and straightforward terms that you can easily understand. We deal in transparency and want our customers to see and understand what the terms of the agreement are without mincing words. This puts the two parties in the clear.

Equipment Loan Amount

The amount loaned varies from the specific equipment needed to another. We partner with industry experts that specialise in the type of equipment we deal. These are the ones that offer the best equipment in the market. So, the equipment finance will be based on the market price of the equipment that you need. This is what determines the loan amount.

Interest Rates

The agreement binding us will clearly state the interest rates that will be charged on the equipment financing. One of the factors that will influence this is the length of the repayment period. The chances are high that if the loan will be paid back within a short period, the interest rates will be really low.

Financing Terms

The terms binding the equipment finance agreement will also be spelt out to avoid all forms of ambiguity. This will set the rights and obligations of each party.

Our Calculator Is Accurate

Our calculator offers you an accurate calculation of your estimates and gives you the picture of the decision you are about to make. This helps to ensure you make informed choices and also can calculate your payments without bias.

Unlike some other outlets that tweak their calculators to inflate prices, we do not do that. We want those who patronise us to make top-notch decisions when they decide to reach out for the equipment finance. This prepares them beforehand and ensures they are well informed about the possibilities and financial steps they are about to take.